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What is Memorial Day?

Most Americans know that Memorial Day is a day to honor the military who gave their life in service to our great country, but sometimes it’s not easy to differentiate between our military observances. So here’s a short recap: Armed Forces Day: the third Saturday in May, honors those who are serving in the military. Memorial Day: the last Monday of each May, remembers those who died while serving. Veterans Day: the 11th day of November, honors those who served in the military. Here is a little history and a few facts about Memorial Day you may find interesting: 1. It began right after the Civil War After the Civil War, in April of 1866, women from Columbus, Mississippi, laid flowers on the

A Day of Remembrance

My father grew up hearing stories about his ancestors who served in the military. He was told stories of his great-great-grandfather, James Campen, who was an officer in the Revolutionary War under George Washington. He was so impressed with the story of his great-great-grandfather James’ Revolutionary War service that he named his firstborn son, not after himself as was traditionally done in the south, but for great-great-grandfather James! When the U.S. entered World War I, my father, who was 19 years old at the time, wanted to do what he could for our country and follow the tradition set by his ancestors. In 1917, he joined up and served in the Navy until the war ended. As a child, I re

"Involved in my Business"

A lot of people might not want their mother involved in their work life. But, being an entrepreneur, my business needed the attention of someone I trusted taking care of the checking accounts along with my accounts payable and accounts receivable. And, my Mother was, indeed, THAT person! I very much valued her business wisdom and had the good fortune of having had her work for my company for many years as my comptroller and, then after her retirement, of her doing sundry things well into her early 90’s, her very last years. When I was in my early 20’s and just beginning my business life, I bought the stock of an entire clothing store some 150 miles from where she lived. The terms of the p

My Mother’s Wisdom

The good Lord blessed me with an amazing Mother. She nurtured me through my childhood and was supportive in my endeavors throughout her life. Mother passed along some wonderful words of wisdom that have help guide me to a more joyful life. But not only did she gift me with her words, she taught me by her actions. Her three basic teachings were: 1) It is more blessed to give than receive. While growing up, I constantly saw my mother doing for others: us children, my dad, as well as many of the less fortunate people in the community. She gave of some of our limited resources and also gave her time and energy. She volunteered as my homeroom mother, taught Sunday School and was a member o


Early in my life, most of the important decisions concerning my welfare were made by my parents. Where the family was going to live, what vehicles they would drive, the school we would attend and the food that our family would eat were among the decisions they made. No doubt, they did what they thought was best considering all the factors that came into play. Nevertheless, they always had our best interest in mind. It was the outcome they focused in on:our health and the ability to take care of ourselves when the time came. My parents knew that the ability to take care of ourselves meant that we had to make choices and learn from the outcome of those choices. They were wise enough to al

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