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The Chain Gang

Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s in rural north Florida, I saw things that we wouldn’t see today. One common sight on Hwy 301 in front of our restaurant was the chain gang - prisoners who were actually chained to each other doing work along the roadside. Being chained together pretty much eliminated the possibility of the prisoners escaping. But even so, there was always a guard nearby armed with a double barrel shotgun, and of course, who wore reflective sunglasses. Back in those days, the government didn’t use power mowers or any kind of mechanical equipment to take care of the roadsides. Instead, prisoners used sling blades - a hand held tool that has about a 2” by 14” piece of flat steel,

The Ring - Part 4, Believe

The fourth of the letter on my ring is ‘B’ for BELIEVE. We can have a dream, make a plan and act to make it a reality. But, when times get tough, belief is the guiding light that will fuel us on and get us through. If you’ve ever put a project together or started businesses, you probably have had an endeavor that needed a lot of belief!! For me, it was my market in Macon, GA. After five years in operation, it was struggling financially. If we took in enough to cover operating expenses, I considered it a good month! After a total re-assessment of the business, I concluded that business was struggling because it was not large enough to to attract the numbers of sellers and buyers we needed to

The Ring - Part 3, Plan

It was in the Spring of 1984 and I was about to board a plane at the Asheville, NC airport to fly back to Florida where I was going purchase a tract of land to build a flea market. I had built one on my family’s old farm in Waldo, FL a few years earlier and was now ready to build another. Just prior to boarding, I bought a local newspaper to read on the plane ride. As the plane was landing in Charlotte where I would catch the next ‘leg’ of the flight, I noticed an advertisement about a real estate auction on a tract of land near Asheville that I had seen a few years earlier. I remembered that the location and size of the property would make it an excellent place to build a flea market! And n

The Ring - Part 2, Plan

Last week we talked about the first letter of the four letters of success which are represented on my ring. The first letter is D for Dream. Once you have a dream, the next step is to figure out a way to make that dream a reality. That leads to the second letter on my ring, which is P for Plan. Once my dream is fully formed, I start developing a ‘PLAN.’ My first step is to visualize what the ultimate desired result will look like and then begin ‘POSSIBILITY’ thinking. I let my mind run wild and consider anything and everything that comes to my mind that might help me reach my goal of accomplishing my dream. No matter how ‘far-out’ various ideas or possibilities seem, I write them down

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