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Helping Others

Hurricane Harvey created a path of destruction in Texas after making landfall this past Friday night. The slow-moving system left behind battered communities and extensive flooding in Houston and other parts of Texas. So far, it’s been reported that some 6.8 million people have been affected by the hurricane. Louisiana is currently feeling the effects of Harvey, and they are bracing for a weakened but potent Harvey to move through their state soon. Watching the news about Hurricane Harvey, I remembered the rescue and relief efforts made for Hurricane Katrina, back in 2005. The things I remember most are the faces of the people who lost so much. The volunteers on the team that went over to he

A Learning Experience

It was the fall after my graduation from high school and this particular week, the University of Florida Gators Homecoming game was coming up on Saturday. The night before the game, the University was having a huge pep rally, called Gator Growl, with skits by the college students, performances by the Gator Band as well as by many high school bands, the introduction of the football team, all followed by a fantastic fireworks show. I was certain that as in seasons past, Growl was going to be spectacular! Of course, I couldn’t go alone, so I invited my girlfriend if she’d like to go to dinner with me and then on to the Growl. I wanted the evening to be THE very best evening possible, and I was

Do We Need to Correct Others?

There’s an old saying that goes: “There is more than one way to skin a cat!’ And indeed, there are many ways to do anything! Yet there are some who think that their way is the ONLY way and are quick to correct their employee, spouse or friend in front of others. I believe this is self-defeating as it not only embarrasses the person being corrected, but it erodes their trust in you. As a businessman, I have learned to never correct an employee in front of a customer. This type of behavior can be detrimental to your business in so many ways. To that customer, your employee is no longer a knowledgeable representative of your company that can be trusted to handle their business. And secondly, yo

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