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Choosing the Peaceful Path

This may be difficult to believe, but there was a time in my life when I wasn’t in tune with Waldo Wisdom. During this time, if things didn’t turn out the way I expected them to, I was either disappointed, upset and sometimes, even downright angry! I would take on the attitude that I was the victim and that ‘life’ had not treated me fairly.

Whether it occurred in my personal life or in my business life, I allowed these issues to devastate me! It took something really interesting to divert me from this incident to move me in a positive direction. Sometimes this process took only minutes but at other times, it could take days for me to get my head on straight.

As I evolved spiritually, I began to realize that I wasn’t accomplishing anything with this attitude and that I was giving away precious time and energy that I could spent being happy and at peace.

THAT knowledge and understanding came to me after reading many great inspirational books including the Bible.

Through this spiritual evolution, I discovered my TRUTH: when I totally accept that things happen FOR me, not against me, and thus ALL occurrences are for my betterment, THEN I will be at Peace and going down the Peaceful Pathway.

A great book that has helped me in my evolution to my TRUTH is ‘Walking with Spirit’ by Cynthia Maddox. In her book she writes: “Intuition is Spirit gently guiding us.” She further writes, “ there is no right or wrong answer or choice, but there will always be the one that is for our highest good.” I totally agree.

We all have intuition, which is ‘Spirit gently guiding us’ to our betterment. Whether we listen to it and let it guide us to making better choices is something we each get to decide at that moment.

I have sometimes (too many!) defied my intuition only to learn that the result would have much better had I listened to my intuition and then let it GUIDE me on my pathway!

No matter whether we listen to our intuition and let it guide us or choose not to let it guide us, the Good news is: we get to make new choices again and again and again and again! As circumstances arise for choices to be made, our intuition (which has taken in all of our past experiences) will be guiding us; it WILL once again ‘gently guide us to our betterment’. For sure, if we let it, we will be able to travel along the Peaceful Path.


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