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Thanksgiving and Cranberry Relish

During this week of Thanksgiving, I pause to reflect on what I am so very thankful for. I am thankful for my wonderful family. I am so thankful to have the world’s best daughter, Ashley and the world’s best son, Ben, Jr., along with the world’s best daughter-in-law, Robin, and world’s best son-in-law Andy. I am also thankful for my four precious grandchildren, Maddy, Jacob, Carson, and Kate! They are wonderful and bring so much happiness into my life. Additionally, I am grateful for my in-laws wonderful families who bless my life. I also have a very special sister, Sylvia, and brother-in-law, Richard, along with two fantastic brothers, Jim and John and their respective wives, Inger and Ly

The Ultimate Desired Result

When I was a boy, the first game I learned to play was checkers. It was the only board game that I remember we had in our house. My Dad did not allow us to have a TV, but we did have checkers to help keep us occupied when there was free time. My Dad knew that the game of checkers could help us develop decision-making skills and strategic thinking, so he encouraged us to play. To master the game, one needed to figure out where each move would ultimately lead. You had to visualize your objective while making offensive moves and also formulating a defensive plan to block your opponent from jumping all of your checkers. My Dad loved to play checkers, and he was quite good at it. I often saw

The Best Present

I love being with my family at Christmastime. To help keep the stress out of Christmas, a couple of years ago, the adults decided to do a Secret Santa gift exchange. We put the names of the adults into a hat, everyone pulls out a name, and then they buy a present for that person. The gifts can be no more than $50, and it wrapped in newspaper that has the letters of the recipient circled in the newsprint. This gift exchange is so much fun and only buying one gift helps to lessen holiday stress. But, Secret Santa is for the adults only, and I still had to figure out what to buy for my four grandchildren. And who knows what they are into year to year? And, I wanted to be sure to spend t

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