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The Elegance of Frugality

I grew up in the middle of my family’s small restaurant/gas station on Highway 301 a couple miles north of Waldo, FL. As a young child, there was always new activity to take in and process. Waiting on tables and pumping gas as well as working on our farm was part of my growing-up experience. I did my homework sitting at one of the restaurant’s four tables. And from my time working in the restaurant and filling station, I watched humanity “come and go.” Particularly, the restaurant was an education in frugality that my parents encouraged my siblings and I to learn from. One day, a couple came into the restaurant and I could just tell that they had money. They didn’t have that dusty look about

Duck and Cover

In 1951, a film entitled “Duck and Cover” was released and shown to school children all over the United States. Because the Soviet Union detonated their first nuclear device the year before, the U.S. government wanted to prepare the population for a nuclear attack. Thus, the duck and cover campaign was born. Shelters were built, drills were held in towns and schools, and the film was shown to all schoolchildren. And as a young child, I found all of this disconcerting. Who were these people that wanted to hurt us? And there was talk about Soviet spies in America. As an impressionable child, all of the Soviet Union was evil and all they wanted to do was hurt us. Fast forward to 1993.

Father's Day

As Father’s Day draws near, I’ve been thinking of my dad and how I was lucky to be his son. Dad was born in 1897 - yes, that’s eighteen ninety-seven - and he was 50 years old when I was born. As a young man, he served in the Navy during World War I and was in his prime during the Great Depression. In the early 1940’s he married my mother, who was 24 years younger than he. Together they would experience the government sanctioned rationing of gas, sugar and other commodities that came about during World War II. The experiences and lessons that came from living thru both World Wars and the Great Depression provided him unique insights about life that he passed along to my sister, two brothers a

Was the Glitter Really Gold?

As I was beginning in my business career, I owned and operated an auto auction business in Albany, GA. I had worked a couple years in the auto auction business in Palatka, FL and now that I had ventured out on my own, I loved being my own boss. It was now was all up to me to run the business and its success depended on the decisions I made and the people I employed to assist me in the operations. I worked hard, long hours. Frankly, that didn’t bother me at all. I was young, welcomed the challenges and relished being my own boss. My auction house was for auto dealers only. At least, that what I advertised it to be. When a new “dealer” came to the auction to do business, we let THEM fill out a

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