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Election Day

Back in 1990, I ran for State Senate and I was not elected. As disappointed as I was, the next day, the sun came out, the birds sang, and life continued. And ironically, my life has been more fulfilling than I think would have been possible had I been elected. This year has been an extremely contentious political campaign season. But as difficult as it has been, it’s not the worst in our country’s history. In the election between Jefferson and Adams in 1796, it has been reported that Adams accused Jefferson of being the son of a half-breed Indian and a mulatto father and that his election would result in “a national orgy of rape, incest and adultery.” In the election of 1856, Millard Fillmor

Gaining While Losing

At the beginning of the summer of my 16th year, I was looking for a job. Being a teenager was (and is) an expensive endeavor! Taking girls out on Saturday night cost money, and I had to earn that money myself. That summer, Mr. Gunter, (all of us kids around Waldo called him “Uncle”- he was actually the uncle of my good friend, Buddy Wasdin) needed help cleaning out his chicken houses. Uncle’s rather sizeable chicken farm was close to my home and Uncle paid well - 75 cents per hour! I knew that this would be hard work but I wanted to earn some money and I figured it would be steady work for a number of weeks. I also felt the exercise would be good for me... but little did I know how good

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