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When I was a youngster, some of the most joyous times were during the holiday season. My Dad shared stories from his childhood and told us kids Bible stories such as the story of David and Goliath as well as the birth of Jesus. He would end his stories telling us that we could have happy and abundant lives if we put our trust in the Lord. My siblings and I would also help our Momma prepare food to deliver to people in and around Waldo that needed help making their holiday magic happen. Seeing the joyous look on people’s faces as we delivered Mother’s wonderful homemade creations gave us all great joy. With Christmas time upon us, I think we all want to feel the Christmas joy we felt as chi


Over 2,000 years ago, a child was born. Many people, including wise men, thought this child was perfect. From birth, everything this child did and everything this child said and did was accepted as gospel, the truth. Many admired him and, accordingly, treated him with the utmost respect. In his adulthood, they believed he could perform miracles, thus, for them he did. They believed he was perfect, and therefore, he was. To those who believed, Jesus could do no wrong and was perfect in every way. Now, let us just IMAGINE. What if we, today, began treating everyone with the same respect? What if, when a child is born, we believed that this particular child is perfect in every way? And,


When Ashley and Ben, Jr. were younger, we had many wonderful Christmases together, just we three. There were an abundance of presents, lots of great food, and fun visits with other family members. One Christmas, when Ashley and Ben, Jr. were in entering their teenage years, I reflected on my life and felt so grateful for all that the good Lord had provided me. My businesses were flourishing and we had all we needed and then some. Right then, the feeling ‘hit’ me that it was time we three did something to help make someone else’s Christmas a happy one too. And, I wanted us to have an experience of doing something without any expectation of receiving anything in return. We three sat down a


Growing up in the A-1 Truck Stop in Waldo, FL I’d sit and watch our patrons who were vastly different than my family and our neighbors. Our restaurant seating consisted of four 36” square tables that had four chairs each and a counter where there were six stools. I’d see tourists sitting at the tables and wonder what their life was like in whatever faraway town they lived in. But it was the truckers who mesmerized me. Maybe it was because they operated large vehicles that were so big and powerful. Maybe it was because they traveled all over the country and got to see so many things I had yet to see. Or maybe it was because they looked so cool sitting at the counter of our truck stop s

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