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Over 2,000 years ago, a child was born. Many people, including wise men, thought this child was perfect. From birth, everything this child did and everything this child said and did was accepted as gospel, the truth. Many admired him and, accordingly, treated him with the utmost respect. In his adulthood, they believed he could perform miracles, thus, for them he did. They believed he was perfect, and therefore, he was. To those who believed, Jesus could do no wrong and was perfect in every way.

Now, let us just IMAGINE.

What if we, today, began treating everyone with the same respect? What if, when a child is born, we believed that this particular child is perfect in every way? And, what if we began treating everyone, everywhere as if they were perfect? Would not the world be a much better place to live? Would not our own life be much happier and peaceful?

IMAGINE, if we all would behold this “Christ-like Spirit” in everyone, including ourselves. The world would be rid of anger, hatred, anxiety and hurt. And thus, we would be living in a world of peace!

I believe we were all created in the image of God, our Creator. Indeed, we are all God’s children. Through the centuries, the words of Jesus have been accepted as Truth – as the way to live life. I believe what he was trying to teach us was to recognize our own Divinity; our personal connection with our Creator. In John 14:12, Jesus said that we could accomplish greater things than He had – if we believe. If we could imagine!

“Imagine all the people, living life in peace.

You may say that I’m a dreamer,

But I’m not the only one.

I hope someday you will join us,

And the world will live as one.”

- John Lennon

My hope for you this Christmas is peace, love, joy….and to be open to IMAGINE!!!

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