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The Ring

When the idea of a class ring first hit me, I knew I had to include the two most important parts of my life, my children, Ashley and Ben, Jr. I designed the ring so their initials ACBC would be prominently displayed on the ring. Accordingly, their initials are highlighted in diamonds along one side.

It was their love, along with my love for them, that gave me a true purpose in life! This powerful force motivated my success. I knew that if I was a “success,” I would provide for them in the present and give them an example that they could emulate to secure their own futures.

Today, some 30 years after having the ring made, I continue to enjoy a wonderful relationship with Ashley and Ben. And they have given me so much. And that love has been magnified through their spouses, Andy and Robin and also their children, Maddy, Jacob, Carson, and Kate! My children have blessed my life with not only their love but with the families they’ve created. I never imagined such blessings and I am so grateful.

On another side of my ring, I wanted to represent my spiritual beliefs. Having a deep-rooted spiritual belief in God gave me the power to know that, with my direct connection with THE source of all that is, I could accomplish anything! Indeed, this belief had been paramount in all that I had accomplished in my life. I knew that anything was possible if I kept a Straight Line To God!

So, those four letters SLTG were placed prominently on the other side of the ring. I came to believe that my Straight Line To God is a product of the love I give and feel for others. I had been told throughout my childhood and on thru life that God IS Love. It was evident that when we are of LOVE, we are expressing and living what God is all about.

Connecting to Love-God is as simple as you walking outside during the day to obtain light; the Light is there, all it takes is for us to put forth our energy to accept it. It’s there for the having; for anyone and everyone.

Always know that you are a child of God and created as a perfect human being, in God’s likeness! Know that God will support whatever your heart desires if you believe. God wants you to have the desires of your heart! As written in the Bible (Luke 12:32): “It is God’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.”

When I look at my ring and I see ACBC and SLTG, I know that they are part of the whole. The love I feel for my children is a part of my straight line to God. When I look at my children and grandchildren and I feel love, I know that love is God.

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