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The Essential Element

Over the years, my businesses have kept me quite busy, especially early-on. Indeed, I’ve spent countless hours on the road often leaving early in the morning, not completing my travels until late in the evening. I found that to get it all done, I’d have to fly from one location to another, sometimes in the same day. Because flying commercially was limiting, I often found myself chartering a plane to get to the various locations. It got to a point some years ago that I bought a plane and hired a pilot just so I could travel at a moment's notice.

Although the plane was helpful, the most essential element I found in all my entrepreneurial endeavors had to do with the people I surrounded myself with.

People influence the way we think, act and feel on a daily basis. So I surrounded myself with people who would make me and my business better and not distract from the potential of the endeavor.

In my businesses, family was involved. I was very fortunate that my Mother was the comptroller of my companies for many years. Her drive and desire to see me succeed meant that she kept a sharp eye on my accounts. And, was she ever so diligent with the company’s money, ensuring that things were “to the penny!” I often would equate her tenacity as a lioness protecting her cubs! Additionally, over the years, I was fortunate to have my sister and two brothers and some of their offspring in key positions of my businesses and my daughter and son in essential positions.

But it wasn’t only my family who elevated my successes. I am grateful for the amazing employees who were passionate and committed to my businesses. My goal for hiring employees was to find people who had a great attitude and embodied an unwavering work ethic. To this day, I would hire someone with a great attitude before I’d hire a person who may have more aptitude but have less positivity. For sure, I have found that a happy group of individuals who work in harmony for a common goal is a tremendous foundation for success.

The people you surround yourself with influence you in ways you may not realize. In my life, I feel confident that I am the sum of those I’ve spent my time with. Consequently, I make sure to spend time with people who inspire and motivate me.

I’ve come to know that hard work, positivity, and surrounding myself with good quality people combine into the formula for success in business as well as a peaceful and happy life.

“People inspire you or they drain you - pick them wisely.” - Hans Hansen

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